Chickadee chronicle

Here's the chronicle of the Carolina Chickadees with the dead bluebird built into the nest.

March 25 - nest with dead bluebird, mosses, fur, and grasses.

March 29 - 7 eggs!

April 11 - Very fresh! Fourteen days after all seven eggs laid.

April 11 - angry bird!

April 15 - Mom sitting on nest.

April 18 - getting pin feathers.

April 21 - can see some white on their heads.

April 23

April 23 - close up.

April 24 - looking pretty big!

April 25 - 15 days now.

April 25 - still homebodies!

Morning of April 26 - 16 days, won't be long now 'til they are on their own! 

I don't know what day the nestlings actually fledged since we had left for Beavers Bend State Park. I was surprised that they were still there on the morning of day 16. I bet they fledged that day. 
Here is the empty nest with one infertile egg left.


Keep looking!


Judy said...

They looked ready to fledge for sure. Love their story.

Suzanne said...

Wow, those parents did a great job feeding six hungry mouths. They must have been impossibly busy!

Mary said...

They were well fed for sure. Never did I see them with gapes open to be fed like I see a lot times when I peek in on babies.

Claire said...

Bluebird makes good fertilizer for growing plants! I mean chickadees!!!