Birdfoot Violet

More from Beavers Bend State Park...

 A view of Broken Bow Lake.
We got over 3 inches of rain last night. This is Jim, Claire, Gracie and Briar. 

Love this snail on the moss covered tree. In this shot you can see its foot too!

Another view. 

 This flower is called the most beautiful violet in the world according to It sure is pretty. It is the Birdfoot Violet (Viola pedata).

This one was curled and still pretty!

Keep looking!


Suzanne said...

Looks like a great trip so far! Steve and I will have to investigate that park.

Mary said...

Suzanne, I bet y’all would enjoy it too!

Judy said...

I did not know snails had feet.

Mary said...

Judy, They don’t have feet. It is just called a foot. Go figure eh.